Car recycling center on the South Shore of Montreal  

Your old car no longer works? You don’t know what to do with your old car? We have the solution for you! We are ready to buy your vehicle and recycle it! We use state-of-the-art methods that allow us to recycle each and every car part to its full potential.

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Vehicle recycling services

Our vehicle recycling service is a reference in the Montreal recycling market. Old, rusty, damaged or even non-functional, your vehicle still holds some value for the recycling service. Don’t leave your vehicle in the back of your yard. Call us now to entrust us with your vehicle. We recycle every part to give it a second life. Our team takes care of the reintegration of the materials. Thanks to recycling, nothing is wasted on your old vehicle.

A good gesture for the environment

Think about ecology and recycle your car. It’s a good thing for the environment and for your wallet. A standard car contains about 70% metal, 12% plastic and 5% rubber. The rest is glass, wood, paper and textile. It is therefore important to have your vehicle recycled. The majority of the materials can be recycled, and the rest can be used in new products or as a source of energy. Most manufacturers are committed to building cars that are 90% recyclable. Before the cars are scrapped, the used oil and other more environmentally hazardous components are taken care of. Think about recycling your car now.

Towing services

Customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why we are ready to travel anywhere in Quebec to dispose of your old car. With our fast and efficient towing service, we will make an appointment to pick up your vehicle whenever you want! Whether your vehicle is functional or not, we have the necessary equipment to recover it and bring it to our auto recycling center. Contact us now to get rid of your old scrap metal. All prices offered to our customers include towing fees. This way, you will have peace of mind during your transaction.

Official receipt from the SAAQ:

After the sale of your vehicle, we provide all our clients with an official receipt from the SAAQ that exempts the owner of the vehicle from any civil liability on the car. You will not have to go to the registration office to transfer the ownership of the vehicle!

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